How to Get Rid of Bad Body Odor

Bad body odor can be caused by numerous things, gingivitis, cigarette smoking, drugs, poor diet, disease, alcohol and etc. Whether you snore – can also affect your BO and breath.

Many people don’t realize they have general body odor because they have become accustomed to it. As they say, your body is your temple and whatever you choose to put into it, will come out one way or another. And how you choose to groom it will show. So what can one do to eliminate bad body odor. Here’s how to fix it, fast.

 You can start by detoxifying your body. Eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, sodas, meat, refined sugars and saturated fats from your diet. Water is the safest natural remedy to detoxifying your body so drink plenty of it. Eating vegetables and lots of fruit are other ways. Steam baths or saunas are also ways to cleanse your body.

 Food and drinks, such as soda, onions, garlic, curry, chili are also prime causes of BO. These foods are likely to give you terrible smelling gas and urine. Fried and baked goods may contain rancid fats and oils that lead to body odor. It’s always good to detoxify at some point. Things like aches and pains in the joints, constipation, low energy level and exhaustion are signs shown by your body in trying to tell you that it’s time to detox

Maybe it’s your breath that stinks!

Bad breath is offensive. Most people brush their teeth every day, but the most common part of the mouth that they overlook is brushing the tongue. Believe it or not, your tongue is a source of many mouth odors including halitosis, and chronic bad breath. Everything that goes into your mouth no matter what is it passes over your tongue, and by brushing it you’ll reduce lots of bacteria growth.

Make sure to bathe daily. It is imperative that you shower and wash your body daily to remove bacteria from your skin, especially the armpits and groin area where the bacteria is most prevalent. Scrub the armpits with a soapy washcloth as that will work better to remove the bacteria than just soap in your hands. Deodorant soap is preferable as it helps fight bacteria more than regular soaps. If you have a serious odor problem, soak for fifteen minutes or longer in a tub of water with three cups of tomato juice added.

Wash Your Clothes

 Be sure to pick a detergent that not only has good cleaning agents but one that has a deodorizing fresh scent that will give your clothes and clean fresh smell. Any type of perspiration that escapes hits your clothes first and certain odors or stains can be hard to get rid of.  Also remember that loose fitting clothes allow the body to breathe better than tight clothes

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